Welcome to Webinar Access!

Aligning with our two primary goals of delivering high quality training and growing our membership, we are proud to announce that we have secured a bulk purchase pre-recorded webinars from Balloon Coach! Continue your education in between our training classes, be inspired by others and grow your business! This exclusive BASA Victoria deal allows each one of our members access to two free webinars and then heavily discounted webinars thereafter.

This is active now! To view the list of available webinars, head over to the Balloon Coach website


How it works:

  • ✦  Choose the webinar you would like to watch and hit “BUY NOW”

  • ✦  Once in the shopping cart, enter the code ‘ BVREPLAY2017 ’ (case sensitive) into the

    “Promo Code” box. MAX. 2 free webinar replays per member.

  • ✦  Fill in the Billing Information section and then hit ‘Review Order’.

  • ✦  Check all information is correct on this screen {especially your email address} and then hit “Place Order”.

  • ✦  You will now see a “Thank you for your purchase” screen and a note explaining that an email will be forwarded to you with the webinar link, and how to watch it.

  • ✦  You will be emailed log-in details, which now allows you access to the Member area on BalloonCoach.com, where you can log-in, watch and re-watch your purchased webinars as many times as you like.

  • ✦  The system is automated, but please allow up to 3 hours for the link with log-in details to be emailed. Sometimes this is quick and others it’s slower. Please be patient

    Important notes:

  • Thesepre-recordedwebinarsnormallycost$50USeach;wehavesecuredadiscountedratebasedonour bulk purchase.

  • Wehavebasedthisnumberonallowing2freewebinarspermember,asastartingpoint.

  • Wekeepatrackofhowmanyfreewebinarsyouarecheckingoutwith.

  • Ifyouhavecheckedoutwithmorethan2freewebinars,aninvoicewillbesenttoyouatthediscountedrate of $20 per extra webinar.

    Please enjoy this access and we’d love to hear your feed