Membership bookings for Nick Anderson training night 12th Feb 2019

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nick anderson photo.png

Membership bookings for Nick Anderson training night 12th Feb 2019


For one night only! 

Designed by Nature.

This class will focus on finding inspiration from nature. There are so many beautiful colours, patterns and ideas we can take from what see in our everyday lives. Many inventions or discoveries have been mimicked from nature and we can do the same. The class will incorporate some of the design process when creating the entrance cave for the enchanted balloon garden at Noosa – Australia’s biggest balloon installation!
No minimum skill level required. The class will have a small portion of hands on. Principles will focus on décor but will apply to twisters as well. 

Who is Nick Anderson?
Starting as an entertainer doing very basic twisting to get through uni, then recently being one of the designers on the largest balloon installation in Australia, there must be a love of balloons. Nick has been running his own company Zippidy Doo since 2016, having the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s best many times. Having the twisting background, he utilizes balloons as a medium to create pieces that make people say “that’s made out of balloons?” Now a CBA and current President for BASA Qld, he’s coming down to leave your mind a buzz full of ideas!


$40 for members

$60 for associate members

$35 for staff

$85 for non members. Registration starts at 6:30pm and class runs from at 7pm till 9pm

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